Flying in the Wind

A leading aircraft manufacturer benefited from Wings 24 support when they travelled to Iceland at the end of March to undertake extensive crosswind training.

Iceland experiences challenging wind conditions particularly in late autumn and early spring, so it was the ideal location to put an aircraft through its paces.

Iceland may be the ideal location for crosswind training but it presented a logistical challenge when faced with moving staff and equipment from its Italian base, and a pre-ops meeting taking place in Keflavik beforehand.

Wings 24 assisted with advance planning for the movement of the aircraft, organised all required handling and fuelling services, both on route and when in Iceland. A member of the Wings 24 team was located in Iceland to provide assistance during the exercise, ensuring that the manufacturer’s staff could concentrate on the flying programme without any logistical headaches.

On completion of the training, Wings 24 assisted with the relocation of the aircraft and equipment to their European base, another exercise successfully completed by the team.

Image courtesy of SuperJet International

26th August 2015