Seychelles Air Force - To India for a Service

When the need arose to ferry an aircraft to Kanpur in India for long term maintenance, the Seychelles Air Force selected Wings 24 to provide all the required flight support.

The aircraft, a Dornier DO228, which is used by the Seychelles Air Force for maritime patrol and search & rescue missions, was due for long term maintenance at the manufacturer’s base in India.

The initial plan involved routing the aircraft via Africa and the Middle East to India, this had to be changed due to concerns over the unrest in Yemen. The revised routing necessitated operating a 2000km flight over water to Gan Island (South of the Maldives), and from there, heading north to India.

Wings 24 provided flight planning services together with organising full aircraft handling, fuelling and accommodation for the aircraft and crew during its journey to Kanpur.

After completion of the planned two month maintenance programme, Wings 24 again provided full support services, including Flight Planning, for its return journey to its home base in the Seychelles.

Image courtesy of Seychelles Air Force

26th August 2015