Wings Flyer - Spring 2015

Welcome to the first edition of the quarterly Wings 24 newsletter, the 'Wings Flyer'.

Each issue will feature a selection of our recent projects and provide information on our products and services. This issue highlights our newly upgraded and cost effective flight planning solution.

Fuel needed for a Helicopter on a yacht - not a problem for the Wings 24 team

helicopter on yacht

Wings 24 are used to receiving unusual service requests, but when asked to supply helicopter fuel to a luxury yacht moored in the Freeport Marina, a few eyebrows were raised. The Wings 24 team quickly set about finding a solution to the request.

A supplier was sourced who could transport the fuel from their airport depot and pump directly to the yacht's tank. All couplings on the yacht and the tanker were compared to ensure compatibility.

On the day, the refuelling operation was monitored by the Wings 24 operations team, the yacht arrived as scheduled, and the helicopter fuel supply successfully replenished as planned.

Halfway around the world in an ATR

atr 42

At Wings 24, we are continuing to expand our delivery flight support service, with the latest flight being a long trip from Tahiti. Being unable to travel accross the Pacific due to the length of the flight, the aircraft routed to Europe via the Far East.

The task of returning the ATR to the lessor's base in Denmark on this routing meant a 6 day trip over 21 countries, involving 9 refuelling stops.

The delivery company used Wings 24 to obtain all the required permits, organise handling, refuelling and catering.

The flight was monitored 24/7 by Wings, ensuring any potential problems were resolved before they affected the flight schedule. Whilst the aircraft had to divert away from conflict areas over Myanmar and Ukraine on its voyage back to Denmark, the journey was completed as planned.

Flight Planning

flight plan

Wings 24 can provide a complete flight planning solution, whether totally outsourced, as a backup to an existing in-house operation, or for a single flight. Wings 24 flight planning provides a cost effective and efficient solution for all sizes of operator.

By using industry standard state-of-the-art technology and appropriate wind forecasts, flight plans are generated with optimum flight levels and fuel efficient routings, incorporating specific aircraft performance data and up to date navigational information.

Flight plan layouts can be customised in order to help you maintain company standards or to conform to existing formats. 

Well presented and portable flight briefing packages, which include flight plans, station and en route weather, NOTAMs, route specific graphical weather overlay charts and a graphical route plot, can be delivered via a dedicated and secure crew briefing portal. 

We are also able to uplink flight plans directly to the FMS of data link equipped aircraft, eliminating the need for flight crew to manually enter data and ensuring total accuracy.

Our Flight Planning services include:

 -  Computerised flight plans with live and historical winds
 -  Route Analysis/Evaluation
 -  Textual Weather
 -  Graphical Weather Charts
 -  RAIM Reports
 -  Organised Track Information
 -  NOTAMs

4th June 2015